Those Giant American Flags That Cover A Football Field?

By | September 12, 2016

TeeTwits UltraSeps Big USA Flag

While watching football this past weekend, you probably noticed the gigantic, enormous and most likely hard-to-handle American flags that cover an entire football field before each game. You probably have also wondered what the cost is and just who makes these things?

Turns out that American Flags Express happens to specialize in such monstrous items and loans (rents) their biggest Stars and Stripes to NFL teams for opening weekend and other events. Those flags, by the way are 160 feet by 300 feet long and for the most part, covers the entire playing field with exception of the end zones.  They are so huge that each star is 10 feet across and each stripe is over 12 feet in depth.

Requiring 1,500 pounds of fabric, the oversized flags usually take 30 – 40 days to manufacture. When stretched on the field, about 180 people are needed to hold the flag stationery. The flag costs NFL teams approx $6,500 to rent for a single event and seeing one from the stands is an awe inspiring site.

Oh, I almost forgot, the cost to make one of these beauties? A mere $50,000.

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