Time To Update This Site And Begin Writing Again!

By | September 6, 2016

Most of you know me as Steve, the UltraSeps and QuikSeps guy.  And yes, those software products for the t-shirt screen printing industry are what I’m primarily noted and known for.  Although its not the only thing I do, as I’ve owned many different types of businesses in both servicing and manufacturing and have written a daily, fee-based financial newsletter many years ago which was somewhat successful.

I’ve also worked with an investment bank as an advisor along with trading commodities such as crude oil and natural gas futures along with trading futures contracts on the S&P 500.  As I no longer participate as a professional trader, one of my passions continues to be the equity (stock) market and am highly active with that on a daily basis.  Another of my interests aside from craft beer, good cigars, football and golf is music.  A day doesn’t pass without getting behind the drum kit or picking up a bass guitar.

But that’s enough about me……This blog has been stagnant for years and I have decided to get back into writing if not on a daily basis, at least several times weekly.  I’m not into Facebook and Twitter is far too restrictive although will use the platform at Twitter when new articles are posted.

Everyone won’t agree with everything I say as one can’t please everybody, although I think most will find the opinions and inforation both informative and interesting.

Thanks for listening!


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