Greedy Google Attacked By Microsoft

By | November 28, 2012

Microsoft is trying to reveal Google to the world as a greedy, agenda filled, intensely profit orientated holiday shopping guide in its latest attempt to divert more traffic to its Bing search engine.  But in reality, this is actually true.

The smear tactics start with a marketing campaign focused on a recent change in how Google runs the part of its search engine devoted to “paid” shopping results. The revisions require merchants to pay Google to have their products listed in the shopping section.

In its new ads, Microsoft Corp. contends the new approach betrays Google Inc.’s longstanding commitment to provide the most trustworthy results on the Web, even if it means foregoing revenue.

Google defends the fee-based approach as a way to encourage merchants to provide more comprehensive and accurate information about what they’re selling.

To me, it appears that Google is out to satisfy one entity, and that’s Google.

One thought on “Greedy Google Attacked By Microsoft

  1. Jay Schwartz

    You’ve said a mouthful bud. Google is an arrogant, greedy company that only wants to enrich Google. My brother is a programmer there and the stories he tells me are beyond belief. They could care less about the quality of their search. Its all big company paid placements and back room deals. I no longer use Google and have switched to Bing.


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