Top Reasons To Return Your iPad

By | November 28, 2012

A Windows Lovers Guide:  “”Top Reasons To Return My iPad”

1- The edges are too smooth and curvy. It also feels too fragile and slippery and I’m afraid I’ll drop it. Somewhat more squarish edges would be better.

2- It has a lot of apps, but doesn’t have the one that I need, use and rely upon all day….Microsoft Office.

3- I can’t watch flash videos which is a major suck factor. Yes, HTML5 is the new big thing, but most of the internet still uses Adobe Flash for video viewing and that’s a fact, jack.

4- No expandable storage!  What’s up with that?  Much unlike the new Microsoft Surface, which has a microSD slot for expandable storage.

5- No USB ports!  Also unlike the Microsoft Surface. I can’t connect it to things such as printers which is very frustrating.

6- No Live Tiles. I have to actually open an app to view something as basic as the temperature. Holy Cow!!! The Surface has Live Tiles which update in real-time that I can see immediately. Why doesn’t innovative and inventive Apple have this?

So sure,  the iPad is nice.  But the Microsoft Surface is much more functional and can actually operate like a real computer or a tablet. The iPad can’t come remotely close to matching that.  Who woulda thunk it?

Bill Gates

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