Famous T-Shirt Lines Of The 90’s

In 1994, the human chest was the most direct way of letting the world know who you were and who you aspired to be. In a pre social-media world, a T-shirt was the most direct way to express affiliation with a brand, subculture, or even where you stood on the O.J. Simpson trial or Tonya […]

Those Giant American Flags That Cover A Football Field?

While watching football this past weekend, you probably noticed the gigantic, enormous and most likely hard-to-handle American flags that cover an entire football field before each game. You probably have also wondered what the cost is and just who makes these things? Turns out that American Flags Express happens to specialize in such monstrous items and loans (rents) […]

In The Philippines It’s Okay To Steal, But If Caught With Drugs……

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is among the elite of the world’s most insidious, hypocrite tyrants. Prior to meeting with President Obama this week, he referred to the president as a “son of a bitch” if Obama decided to inquire about the 2,000+ killed for alleged drug use and distribution since Duterte took office in June. Apparently in the Philippines, its okay […]

Time To Update This Site And Begin Writing Again!

Most of you know me as Steve, the UltraSeps and QuikSeps guy.  And yes, those software products for the t-shirt screen printing industry are what I’m primarily noted and known for.  Although its not the only thing I do, as I’ve owned many different types of businesses in both servicing and manufacturing and have written […]

The New Mac Pro Desktop Will Kick Butt

As nearly the entire computing universe has migrated to smaller, more mobile machines, there are still many people who absolutely need a desktop to work. This incredible new cylinder will soon be the Mac Pro, and will be a major upgrade over the existing product line in every way imaginable. The innovative case for the […]

Are Some People Really This Stupid?

Every time I think I’ve heard it all, something else stops me in my tracks and whacks the side of my head so ferociously, that I nearly pass out and have to question the level of intelligence and self-awareness of what seems to be a large percentage of the population.  Such as the following: Excitement […]

Amazon vs. Best Buy, Small Item Purchase

I was in need of a few small, lower priced items and decided to search and purchase through Amazon then follow up with a comparison though a visit to my local Best Buy in Holmdel, NJ. In the past, when I needed a few items such as those listed below, I would just immediately check […]

Adobe’s Creative Cloud = Ripoff For Most

Adobe’s new rental based software delivery system, (Creative Cloud) is okay for me personally, since I always need the most recent copy of Photoshop and Illustrator and require access to them on both Windows and Mac. I also use several of their other apps as well although not as often. For the average user however, […]

Steve Jobs Childhood Home – Historical Landmark

The legacy of our modern day Edison, Steve Jobs continues as California considers declaring the childhood home of the former Apple CEO an historical landmark. The Los Altos Historical Commission discussed designating the house at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos an “historical landmark” at a meeting held on Monday. Steve Jobs spent part of his […]

Tired Of That Old Slow Computer?

So, you’re lucky enough to own a computer that’s getting a little old and running like crap?  Join the club, we all have one or more of these that for one reason or another we continue to use. I’m sure its been checked multiple times for viruses and malware and its all squeaky clean.  Probably […]