The New Mac Pro Desktop Will Kick Butt

As nearly the entire computing universe has migrated to smaller, more mobile machines, there are still many people who absolutely need a desktop to work. This incredible new cylinder will soon be the Mac Pro, and will be a major upgrade over the existing product line in every way imaginable. The innovative case for the […]

Are Some People Really This Stupid?

Every time I think I’ve heard it all, something else stops me in my tracks and whacks the side of my head so ferociously, that I nearly pass out and have to question the level of intelligence and self-awareness of what seems to be a large percentage of the population.  Such as the following: Excitement […]

Amazon vs. Best Buy, Small Item Purchase

I was in need of a few small, lower priced items and decided to search and purchase through Amazon then follow up with a comparison though a visit to my local Best Buy in Holmdel, NJ. In the past, when I needed a few items such as those listed below, I would just immediately check […]

Adobe’s Creative Cloud = Ripoff For Most

Adobe’s new rental based software delivery system, (Creative Cloud) is okay for me personally, since I always need the most recent copy of Photoshop and Illustrator and require access to them on both Windows and Mac. I also use several of their other apps as well although not as often. For the average user however, […]

Steve Jobs Childhood Home – Historical Landmark

The legacy of our modern day Edison, Steve Jobs continues as California considers declaring the childhood home of the former Apple CEO an historical landmark. The Los Altos Historical Commission discussed designating the house at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos an “historical landmark” at a meeting held on Monday. Steve Jobs spent part of his […]

Tired Of That Old Slow Computer?

So, you’re lucky enough to own a computer that’s getting a little old and running like crap?  Join the club, we all have one or more of these that for one reason or another we continue to use. I’m sure its been checked multiple times for viruses and malware and its all squeaky clean.  Probably […]

Get Your Free Software Here!

I was looking through a notes folder in Outlook today and came across this list of free or very cheap software downloads.  Not illegal or cracked software, just free, or least most of them. I didn’t look at each link and I’m not sure where this list was taken from, although the few I looked […]

My Favorite Old Macintosh Computer

Tucked into a corner of my office is my favorite computer. I have many new, ultra-fast systems although I continue to use this one for many projects. Its an old Macintosh with a G4 Processor running OS X 10.2.8. I like it since its runs several of my favorite old programs such as FreeHand 10 and […]

Is It SPAM or not SPAM?

Regarding Spam…When someone with a legitimate product to offer sends an email to a list of say 200 businesses they’ve researched as potential customers, why is this immediately unacceptable and considered Spam?  There’s no difference with this and sending a postcard or letter to the physical address of those same people. I think we need […]

Is The Apple Rotting?

The problem with Apple and its remarkable decline in stock price is attributable to several factors.  The first being that Apple is no longer the only company making high-quality smart phones and tablets.  Other firms have caught up and Samsung has surpassed Apple in the smart phone market in units, features, models, screen size and […]