Amazon vs. Best Buy, Small Item Purchase

By | October 2, 2013


I was in need of a few small, lower priced items and decided to search and purchase through Amazon then follow up with a comparison though a visit to my local Best Buy in Holmdel, NJ.

In the past, when I needed a few items such as those listed below, I would just immediately check Best Buy or Radio Shack and pay whatever the price was and be satisfied to have my hands on it today.

But this time however, I decided to test the waters of low cost item shopping via Amazon, then compare the difference in what similar items would have cost locally.


Dual USB wall charger outlet
6′ HDMI cable
3′ Male to Male USB cable
10′ iPod cable (old style)

Total cost at Amazon $27 with no shipping as all items qualified for my Prime account.

Total cost at Best Buy for similar items $71.

Take note that none of which at Best Buy were brand names or premium quality items.  Just generic brands equal in quality to the items from Amazon.

Obviously, the price disparity on higher-end goods such as televisions, computers, cameras, etc., isn’t quite as dramatic and in many instances just about identical. ¬†Although with Amazon’s free shipping, its definitely worth looking there first for lower cost goods if the item isn’t needed today.

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