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Get Your Free Software Here!

I was looking through a notes folder in Outlook today and came across this list of free or very cheap software downloads.  Not illegal or cracked software, just free, or least most of them. I didn’t look at each link and I’m not sure where this list was taken from, although the few I looked […]

My Favorite Old Macintosh Computer

Tucked into a corner of my office is my favorite computer. I have many new, ultra-fast systems although I continue to use this one for many projects. Its an old Macintosh with a G4 Processor running OS X 10.2.8. I like it since its runs several of my favorite old programs such as FreeHand 10 and […]

Is It SPAM or not SPAM?

Regarding Spam…When someone with a legitimate product to offer sends an email to a list of say 200 businesses they’ve researched as potential customers, why is this immediately unacceptable and considered Spam?  There’s no difference with this and sending a postcard or letter to the physical address of those same people. I think we need […]

Is The Apple Rotting?

The problem with Apple and its remarkable decline in stock price is attributable to several factors.  The first being that Apple is no longer the only company making high-quality smart phones and tablets.  Other firms have caught up and Samsung has surpassed Apple in the smart phone market in units, features, models, screen size and […]

Google Has The Best Business Model

So, why is Google’s business model superior to all the rest?  Here’s just a few reasons: 1) They don’t rely on selling a physical product. 2) They can give their Android OS away for free and make a fortune from it. 3) They sit back and make mega billions from thin air (ad clicks) 4) […]

Copyrighted Images – Use Caution

I’m not going to go into what you should or shouldn’t do with using images from the web on products although will offer a short story. Years back I owned a somewhat successful info-based website (not related to t-shirts) that received about 40,000 page views daily. I have long since sold the property to a […]

Google Play – Gunning For iTunes?

Have been planning to test Google Play and this weekend finally uploaded my iTunes library to it, a total of about 4,500 songs.  It took several hours to complete although now keeps track of any new songs added to iTunes and adds those transparently.  The service also clones your iTunes Playlists, play count and other […]

Apple Needs A Samsung Lesson

Quite frankly, I could care less about Apple and how well or poorly the company is doing.  This probably has more to do with the sheer number of sickening Apple “Fan Boys” in cyberspace who live their lives to defend and pump Apple and will continue doing so with their last gasp of life.  This […]

Is Chromebook Just The First Shot Fired?

Google’s Chromebook is basically a cell phone merging with a netbook, although I do believe this is Google’s plan to ultimately replacing the personal computer. Question is, will it really do that?  Can it do that?   Only time will tell, however, with Chromebook Google has fired a nasty shot across the bow of such industry giants as Hewlett-Packard and Dell along with their […]

Microsoft – From Innovator To Copy Cat

Throughout the 90s, Microsoft was the king of computing, with its cash cows of Windows operating systems and industry-standard Microsoft Office software providing it with a seemingly endless stream of revenue. Personal computer manufacturers Hewlett-Packard and Dell were riding high on Microsoft’s success, processor manufacturers Intel and AMD were selling CPUs like crazy, and Apple held nothing but a niche market after the departure of its […]